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    Gym Gypsy

    Gym Gypsy

                                                   Gym Review of Crossfit Simplicity

    by, Tina Smiley 

    A self-proclaimed Gym Gypsy, visiting and reviewing one gym at a time.                          

    “Crossfit Simplicity was created on the belief you shouldn’t just live to workout, but should workout to live!”


    If you are looking for an energetic Crossfit experience, a place where you can get in a good hour-long workout with a fun and lively class (whether in between work schedules or even on your lunch break), you may want to try Crossfit Simplicity. It is currently one of two Crossfit affiliate gyms in Burlington, NC.

    Like many crossfit gyms (aka “boxes”) their “WOD” or ‘workout of the day’ is pre-programmed and members sign in to their Wodify account where they can find the specifics for the day’s workout. Each class is an hour long, consisting of three segments: a warmup, the workout, and an “after class” or cool down.  It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran crossfitter, or just a beginner, you will be able to modify each workout to meet your individual needs.  And if after class you need to freshen up (because chances are you will break a sweat), there are two clean bathrooms, one of which is fully equipped with a shower and fresh towels. This comes in handy for members who need to get back to work!

    My personal experience with Crossfit Simplicity is an overall positive one. I have dropped in many times since they’ve opened and have attended various classes, but the noon class seems to fit best with my schedule.  My most recent visit was a Friday 12pm class where there were 8 of us altogether….6 women (including myself) and 2 guys plus Daniel as the coach.  This was a fun workout, but an exhausting one at that! The WOD was a two-part workout which included rowing for calories, barbell thrusters, and barbell clean/jerks.  And since I had already worked out that morning, I chose to scale my workout which is in fact something I commonly do. Scaling or modifying a Crossfit WOD is a smart way to workout especially if you’re unsure of the prescribed weight and/or specific movements but are still wanting to get a workout in. I mean honsetly, not all of us can comfortably throw around twice our body weight and swing from bars like a gymnast.  

    At the end of class, everyone helps each other wipe down their equipment and put things away. Don’t be surprised however, if you spot Coach Daniel helping with clean up and wiping down the barbells before you grab for the spray bottle.  We often tease him about how tidy he is with his gym. I remember one time we rearranged the kettlebells and it probably gave him a minor panic attack the next day. Ha!  Don’t even get me started on how he loves chalk all over his floor!                          There is also time during the day in between classes for members who may have missed a workout, or perhaps just want to focus on a certain skill to do so with the supervision of a coach. This is great for those who may want to take the day’s WOD at their own pace without the pressure of having to be in a class. It’s also a good opportunity for a member to ask a coach for help on technique.

                                                                      >>>Fun Facts<<<

    **Located in the heart of downtown, Crossfit Simplicity’s 5000sq ft facility is a bright, open and airy gym, equipped with plenty of equipment to workout with and share during your visit. 

    **Since they opened their doors in February of 2017, Crossfit Simplicity continues to grow and expand, accepting new members on a weekly basis.

     **The average class size is typically between 5-7 athletes during the day, and 8-10 in the evening.  

    **You can check their easy-to-navigate website for class schedules, workouts, drop-in rates, and other information at as well as their Facebook and Instagram pages.

    It was hard It to think of any possible downsides to Crossfit Simplicity, but outside limited parking as you find with most crossfit boxes, a few things did come to mind. For example:

    This gym likes to focus a lot on barbell work, and if that’s something you enjoy then by all means you will not be disappointed! Others however, may feel a tad intimidated by not just the extreme weight that is thrown around during a class or open gym, but by the intensity of the workouts.  Some members seem to concern themselves more with “RX’ing” a WOD with poor form, than they do with working out with a lighter weight or modified movement. Which brings me to what I mentioned above regarding “scaling” the workouts. I personally think Simplicity does not always live up to its “simple yet effective” slogan because at times the programming seems to be a little on the extreme side when it comes to the weight used for many of the workouts. But hey, that’s just me. What do I know?

    On the flip side though, Daniel sure brings a certain energy to his classes. His spirited personality brings a sense of enjoyment for those working out under his guidance. He is enthusiastic, funny, and he loves to engage the athletes by cheering them on, encouraging them all the way ‘til the end. As for the staff, there are five Certified Level One coaches (including Daniel) at Simplicity…three male and two female coaches. While I’ve not had the privilege of taking classes with all of them, I do personally know each of the coaches and find them enjoyable to be around. I believe you will as well. for my recommendation,  I suggest you put Crossfit Simplicity on your list of gyms to visit.  Hopefully you will leave there knowing you gave your best effort, got a great workout in, and perhaps even made a few new friends. 😊




    Check them out!

    CrossFit Simplicity
    240 W 6th St, Burlington
    NC 27215
    P: (336) 516-3735

    Daniel Blackwell