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    Team Smiley Apparel
    Family Run. Community Based. Fitness Driven.
    Est. 2017
    Greetings, we're the Smiley family, and welcome to our team! We're a family of five with rather diverse athletic backgrounds. From playing football to wrestling, competitive swimming to lacrosse, soccer to body building. You name it and one of us has probably done it.

    In 2007, our family moved from the Miami Valley of Southwestern Ohio to the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina, where we live today. "Team Smiley" started as a name we had given ourselves. Something that united and bonded us in the adventure of living in a new state, outside of our comfort zones. With every passing year and every new sports endeavor, our bond as a "Team" grew.

    *Team Smiley participating in the 2014 CrossFit Open

    As we referred to ourselves as "Team Smiley," other members of our fitness community would inquire what it would take to belong to the "Team Smiley" family. What we have provided through our family unit is for individuals to feel a part of something larger and bigger than themselves. "Team Smiley" provides an individual encouragement to achieve their personal goals both inside and outside of their fitness endeavors.

    Each purchase of a "Team Smiley" apparel item enables us to reinvest back into our community.




    We are Team Smiley!
    Family Run. Community Based. Fitness Driven.